We manufacture spring utilizing both 'Cold Coiling' and 'Hot Coiling' Processes. The Process and the sequence operations is selected on the basic of the raw material used, final dimensions of the spring, quantity and the application.

  • Automatic spring coilers to handle wires from 0.20 mm to 6.0
  • Lathes and semi automats for coiling wires from 6.4 mm to 20.0 mm
  • Hot coiling for bars from 21.0 mm to 38.0 mm

  • Automatic spring end grinders for grinding springs up to 6.0 wire diameter
  • Heavy duty end face grinders and pedestal grinders for grinding springs up to 30.0 mm bar diameter

  • Electric furnaces and ovens for controlled heat treatment
  • Hydraulic Presses for pressing & scragging
  • Tooling, Shafting, Jigs & Fixtures for short run productions and speciality springs

  • Digital, hydraulic & manual spring testers